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Ink Reviews provides independent test results and information to assist consumers in selecting the right ink for their printer and making an educated buying decision. Printer ink cartridges are one of the most common products purchased by customers today. With our assistance, you can be assured that you will be choosing the right product for your printer.

 Last Updated: Nov 1, 2015


Rank Inkjet Printer Ink Company Store Links Ranking Printer Ink Summary Quality Service Value Rating / Review
1 4Inkjets Visit Ink Provider A+
  • Ink have closest resemblance to the original. Highest print quality overall.

  • Prices are very reasonable.
  • Standard delivery came in only 4 days.
10 9.5 9.5

Our Review

2 123Inkjets  Visit Ink Provider A
  • Very Good Ink Quality

  • Site easiest to navigate
  • Delivery came in 5 days.
9 9 9

Our Review

3 101ink Visit Ink Provider A
  • Very Good Ink Quality Special Offers & Best Pricing

  • Excellent Selection. Only provider with ink for Dell printers.
  • Delivery came in 2 days.
9 8  8 

Our Review

Carrot Ink Visit Ink Provider B+
  • Satisfactory Ink Quality

  • Prices are more expensive than competitors
  • Standard delivery came in 8 days.
8 7.5 7.5

Our Review

5 All Ink Visit Ink Store B+ Quality Ink. Good Specials. 9 8 8

Our Review

6 Ink Grabber Visit Ink Store B Pricy for certain ink cartridges. Ink is slightly better than average.  A reseller of 8.5 8 8

Our Review

7 Inkplustoner Visit Ink Store B- Good Customer service, but ink quality can be improved. 7.5 8 6

Our Review

8 Inkjets Visit Ink Store C+ Good value for ink, but ink quality will need improving. Black is too light on the printers. 4.5 8 8

Our Review

9 MrInkMan Visit Cartridge Store C- Ink quality is lower in quality, although customer service is responsive. Printouts came out fuzzy. 7.0 5 7

Our Review

Printer Ink Supplies Review Articles

Printer Cartridge Ink Refills Business   Printer Ink: Are you getting your money's worth?
Major printer manufacturers such as Lexmark, Epson, HP or Canon would never recommend that consumers use generic printer ink cartridges or refill kits as an alternative to purchasing their expensive printer cartridges. We all know how expensive the printer ink for our desktop printers can be. We also know that we are at the mercy of those who sell their expensive cartridges to us, simply because they know we need them.
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Important issues when purchasing a printer
Achieving maximum results from your ink
Besides the initial cost of the printer, you have to look at the maintenance cost of it. Take the Dell printer for instance. You may think it is great that they are giving the printer away for free in most computer orders. But you have to realize that these Dell printers have the highest cost per page for ink and there are no generics.  Over time, the free printer will actually cost you more than what you initially paid for it. There are many methods for extending the life of your ink cartridge. It is always a good idea to store your ink in a cool place. Also, use your printer at least once a month, otherwise the ink will dry quicker. You can also print ink draft mode. Words will still be clear, but you are using only half the amount of ink as before which will yield you great savings in the long run. Buying high volume - from companies like Office Depot is a great way to save as well.

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Outwit Printer Companies
Printer Ink Replacements
You go out and purchase a computer, then a printer and you think you are all set right? Wrong! What happens when the printer  ink cartridge in your printer runs out of ink soon after you bought the printer because you were a printing fool?


There are several types of printer ink replacements that you can consider when searching for refill or replacement cartridges.
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Do you really need the ink cartridge? Frequently Asked Questions about ink
How do you really know the right time to purchase ink for your printer? Is it when you run out? Or is it when it goes on sale or when the software warns you to buy it. Actually, the best time to buy additional ink for your printer is when you use your cartridge half-way. Don't store too many cartridges just because it is cheaper to buy in volume. In the long-run, it will waste you money since they will eventually dry up.


We have compiled some of the most common questions asked by our readers regarding generic and genuine printer ink and anything that relates to printer ink. We hope we have addressed all of the concerns here in this article. If there are any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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